<aside> 🙏 Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus The storm will pass, humankind will survive, most of us will still be alive — but we will inhabit a different world. Source — Financial Times


Table of Contents

1. Resilience today and hope for the future

We have an unexpected onslaught of a rapidly changing situation. The events remind us of our fickle existence. It is, therefore, essential that we remain kind to one another, have patience, and exercise great care as we navigate the new circumstances. 💪

These are extraordinary times. My hope is we all will emerge from here with optimism and a renewed vigour. It can be uncomfortable to imagine this at the moment and remain hopeful. It will get better. The clouds will clear, and the sun will be out soon. ☀️

I will leave you with a demonstration of washing your hands using purple paint. Carefully observe how to spread soap on your hands and fingers to ensure we catch all sides, both front and back. 60s watch time 📺


The Big Picture ✨

Drastic changes and challenges this time around. Here is what is on my mind these days:

Habits and Tips on Remote Work 🖥

Sharing a small compilation of practices and tips that have worked for me since transitioning to a full-time remote setup. I hope these will work for you too. The good thing about Twitter threads is that they are ever-evolving, so expect more to come.