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Bookmarks are dead. Long live Bookmarks.

How do you feel about the Internet? My thoughts on it haven't changed a lot since I was first introduced to the idea in the early 2000s. A connection to the world. "You can read any newspaper in the world." My father had said as he pulled out the dial-up modem. "*Germany ki akhbaar bhi pad saktein hai hum yaha Delhi se" (*We can read news from Germany while sitting in Delhi). It was true then and it remains true today.

Every day I come across ideas, information, news that keeps me hooked. It is never a dull day on the internet. Over the years, I have tried unsuccessfully to save and bookmark the information. Not anymore. These days, I have outsourced the job to the humble and mighty search bar. It never disappoints. Great results every time. More detailed than I need and much diverse than I have the appetite for. While nearly perfect, without personal context the results can be lack-lustre.

Transforming stray ideas into curated recommendations

I like exploring new places to eat. Vancouver is still new to me. Countless streets and alleys waiting to be explored once we emerge out of the shelter-in-place restrictions. Here is what a great list looks like:

Two kinds of lists, with curation and one without personal experience

Personal experience together with curation adds a lot more meaning.

Personal experience together with curation adds a lot more meaning.

I will pick the second list. Always. It has a lot more to offer and provides me with a lot of information that is highly valuable, available in abundance. This is how I think of the internet.

Introducing, The Internet Reference Board

I am calling it — The Internet Reference Board or TIRB. You will find a small curation of interesting things sliced off the internet.

⚡️ TIRB, May 2020

I will share these in my newsletter every month like I did earlier but with a little more structure and commentary.

1. Making groceries last longer 🥦

Produce goes bad. It is a fact of life. Refrigeration only goes so far. I have offered more wilted spinach to the compost gods than I can remember and so this video from Merle comes really handy. Now, I bag my spinach with a paper towel 😅